Yula Ra

Yula discovered yoga casually working out at a gym with friends, and little did she know that she would soon embark on a journey that would transform her life, mind, and body. Yula received her 200-hour certification under Raji Thron, known as " the teacher's teacher" in yoga. Ashtanga and vinyasa style are her main practice; and besides that, her training included hatha, kundalini yoga, restorative and yin yoga. She combines all the different types of yoga into her teaching. As a mother of two beautiful girls, she had never been very athletic or flexible, but her love for yoga soon changed that. “It’s all in the mind,” she often says, and her own personal life is proof that of that strength. Currently Yula is training under nevine Michaan's katonah yoga. Inspired by the Katonah yoga, Yula believes that the human body is designed to fit: like a ball in a mitt, a foot in a shoe, a button in a buttonhole. The more you up your fits, the more you increase your functionality. Expect to have fun discovering your own body in her class, because we are meant to fit in.

Yula Ra is currently not instructing any classes.